SVP Awards Common Wealth Charlotte a Three Year Grant October 2015

Social Venture Partners (SVP) of Charlotte awarded Common Wealth Charlotte a three year, start-up grant that totals $100,000. SVP is a global network of local partners aligning passion and purpose. SVP helps individuals realize greater impact with their giving, strengthens non-profits, and invests in collaborative solutions. Common Wealth Charlotte will use the grant funding to build capacity and t o further refine its ground-breaking social impact model. [..] read more

Points of Light Grant brings 2 VISTA volunteers to Common Wealth Charlotte August 2015

Common Wealth Charlotte is the recipient of a Points of Light grant that allows us to engage two VISTA volunteers for a twelve-month partnership. Shanell Blunt and Kerry Shipman are two volunteers who are extraordinary assets at Common Wealth Charlotte. They are working daily to coordinate program activities for financial education. Their knowledge, work ethic, and passion are helping Common Wealth Charlotte achieve our goal of helping Charlotte's low-income community members become financially capable, educated, and banked.The Financial Opportunity Corps recruits and trains volunteers as financial coaches who help people from low- and moderate-income households achieve financial stability. The program is a partnership between Points of Light, Bank of America and the Corporation for National and Community Service. It includes 17 AmeriCorps VISTA members serving nonprofit organizations in 12 cities around the country and will expand to more cities this year.With the support of [..] read more

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