As one Charlotte prospers, another struggles: How Covid will shape our economic recovery

December 2020

Charlotte's recovery will likely look like its growth for the last several decades: uneven.

Axios Charlotte (12/18/2020)  Like other mid-size Sunbelt cities, Charlotte will continue to attract young talent from larger, pricier cities like New York and San Francisco. Our residential real estate market shows no signs of slowing. Companies still move here and add high-paying positions. Out-of-town developers still buy up land in hot neighborhoods.

On the other hand, we've lost thousands of jobs. The problem is worse among people who get paid by the hour, and among those who work in the hospitality industry. Experts worry that children who already lived in poor households are falling further behind because schools haven't fully returned for in-person learning. Many people can't afford to pay rent or their bills. Read more...