Chuck Jones
Executive Director

Chuck joined Common Wealth Charlotte after a 33-year background in business, advertising, and marketing, including 25 years managing the firm he co-owned with his wife, Aprill. A Charlotte resident since 1987, Chuck cares deeply about the city, its people and its future. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, a musician, a writer, a dog lover, and a visitor to U.S. National Parks as frequently as time and budget allow.
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Mary Quinn
Director of Financial Education

Mary Quinn came to Common Wealth Charlotte with a 22-year history in the nonprofit industry. Mary is widely known in the Charlotte area as a recognized expert in trauma-informed financial education, and has written extensive curriculum for the CWC target population. She is the former Director of Charlotte Saves (a national initiative of America Saves), and an NACCC® Certified Credit Counselor.
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Yuly Rodriguez
Program Director, Latinx Services

Yuly has a BA from City College of New York and a Masters in Public Administration from Metropolitan College of New York. She has thirteen years experience leading social service initiatives. She previously worked at New Destiny as Director of HousingLink, and led a financial literacy initiative while working as Manager of Prospect Plaza at Neighborhood Trust Community Partners. Yuly leads CWC's efforts to better serve Charlotte's Latinx community.
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Alisha Jeter
Manager of Financial Counseling

Alisha joined Common Wealth after nine years at Florence Crittenton Services, where she assisted clients with a variety of vocational training, college and GED enrollment, budgeting, money management and time management skills. She is an NACCC® Certified Credit Counselor, and manages the financial counseling services for CWC. She is a graduate of Kent State University with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies.
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Tonia McDougald
Manager of Loan Services

Tonia joined CWC as Financial Services Counselor in August, 2019. With 14 years experience in nonprofit credit counseling, Tonia has provided in-depth budget analysis, credit counseling and debt management guidance in one-to-one sessions with clients, and has provided both management and training in various capacities. In her role at CWC she manages all loan portfolios and provides direct loan counseling and debt settlement planning to CWC clients.
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Madeline Hardison
Senior Financial Advisor

Madeline is a 2015 graduate of Queens University, and joined Common Wealth Charlotte after serving as Admissions Coordinator for Florence Crittenton Services. She is an NACCC® Certified Credit Counselor, and assists CWC clients in budgeting, credit coaching and accessing banking relationships. Madeline is fluent in both English and Spanish.
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Tonia Frazier
Financial Program Specialist

Tonia is a 2019 graduate of Winthrop University with a Masters of Social Work, and joined Common Wealth Charlotte as Financial Program Specialist. In her role, Tonia works with nonprofits and other agencies in the Charlotte area, customizing CWC services to meet the specific needs of those organizations and the clients each serves. She is a Certified Financial Social Worker, Certified Housing Counselor, and previously enjoyed a 20-year career with Bank of America.
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Ada Garcia
Office Assistant

Ada joined Common Wealth Charlotte in April, 2020 to assist in the administration of COVID-19 Income Gap loans. Quickly adapting to this role, Ada's fluency in both English and Spanish has enabled her to become a key contributor in CWC's Latinx Community initiatives. A 2018 graduate of the Philip O. Berry Academy of Technology, she is currently enrolled at Central Piedmont Community College.
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Darren Ash
Senior Financial Advisor

Darren is the Founder of Common Wealth Charlotte, and served as its first Executive Director. He was formerly Executive Director at Charlotte Family Housing (CFH), and was Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Apartment Realty Advisors. He has served on 10 poverty/homeless boards in Charlotte & Mexico over the last 20 years. He was awarded the 2010 Charlotte Community Leader of the Year & Goodwill's 2014 Callaghan Cornerstone Award.
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