Volunteer your Time - Common Wealth Charlotte Common Wealth Charlotte depends upon volunteers as we enter into the lives of the working poor of Charlotte. To achieve this goal, we offer volunteers both training and opportunity to assist in the delivery of our trauma-informed education to our clients.

Volunteer training includes becoming an active participant in our Empowerment Workshops. Working alongside Mary Quinn, our Director of Financial Education, volunteers provide client-level, one-to-one assistance in credit report analysis, as well as helping with the opening of checking and savings accounts.

A schedule of events is posted for volunteers to sign up to participate with all of the details, the location, an audience overview, and the approximate length of the meeting.

Volunteer Roles and Descriptions

Credit Seminar Assistant

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For any number of reasons, many CWC clients have never looked at their credit report. In this day and age when the credit report has become the second resumé in the search for employment, understanding what is there and making an initial set of repairs can be the difference between getting a job or apartment or not. Credit Seminar Assistants help CWC clients access credit reports through CreditKarma.com, guide them in understanding the four basic components (accounts, inquiries, collections and judgments), and finally offer CWC-approved methods of repairing obvious errors or planning for collection repayment--all with the objective of raising credit scores and the opportunity for upward economic mobility.
Account Opening Assistant
A high percentage of CWC clients have never enjoyed the convenience and security of a traditional checking or savings account. At the conclusion of an Empowerment Workshop, Account Opening Assistants work with clients to complete paperwork necessary for obtaining new accounts. With these accounts, clients can avoid predatory financial services such as payday lenders, check-cashing operations and prepaid debit card payroll solutions, all of which punish with extremely high fees and interest rates.

Special Project Assistant
CWC engages in other events and activities throughout the year. For example, we take part in the VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program conducted each year by Goodwill, Renaissance West and other partner organizations. Volunteers assist in getting basic information, and directing clients to Senior Financial Advisors on site to offer counseling for income tax refund use and avoidance of high-fee income tax preparation loans.

If you have an interest is volunteering to assist Charlotte's working poor in achieving greater upward mobility through enhanced financial literacy, Common Wealth Charlotte offers you the perfect opportunity.