Financial Literacy

Empowering Through Financial Education

Common Wealth Charlotte provides trauma-informed financial education, empowering clients through classroom and one-on-one settings to make informed financial decisions. CWC's curriculum recognizes both the physical, psychological and emotional trauma brought on by poverty and a lifetime of scarcity, but also the healing than can occur when the trauma is replaced by positive, uplifting experiences.
Banking Access

Expanding Access to Banking

Common Wealth Charlotte provides clients access to second-chance, full-service checking accounts and other attractive asset-building programs through our credit union and bank partners.
Opportunity Loans

Providing Opportunity Loans

CWC Opportunity Loans offer second-chance access to credit for clients with credit scores under 500. Interest is pre-paid at a rate significantly below market, and made available through a  100% donor-provided fund. This helps  a client refinance predatory loans, provide rental deposits for housing and manage other financial emergencies while improving his or her credit score throughout repayment.

Common Wealth Charlotte (CWC) provides Charlotte and Mecklenburg County  an innovative and unique approach to financial capability-building for Charlotte's low-income wage earners offered by no other organization. Through financial education coupled with NACCC® certified one-to-one counseling and access to specially designed re-banking and emergency loan products, CWC's trauma-informed (TIFE) solutions meet people where they are. The result is less dependence on financial assistance, and a foundation for long-lasting change and enhanced opportunities for upward mobility. TIFE is an emerging best practice, incorporating a deep understanding and recognition of the physical, psychological, and emotional trauma caused by scarcity and experienced by Charlotte's 150,000 - 200,000 people working full-time (or full-time equivalent) and earning 30-35% of area median income (AMI).  Workshops and counseling are provided on-location for more than 60 nonprofit, workforce development and county partners, and offer an environment of safety, trustworthiness, transparency, peer support, mutual respect, consumer choice, and culturally relevant discourse.

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