We have a mission--to help the low-income wage-earners of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County move to new, higher levels of financial stability. We're a movement, out to prove the traditional giveaway methods of financial assistance can be complemented by a transactional relationship that rewards hard work, repayment of small loans and building assets, and gives people a firmer foothold. Every donation helps us achieve our mission.
  • $750 provides funding for up to SIX Opportunity Loans, helping clients escape payday loans, title loans and other predatory lenders.
  • $350 provides TEN people with a one-hour, advanced financial counseling session.
  • $125 provides funding for up to SIX Credit-Builder Loans, raising clients' credit scores 60 points or more.
  • $104 opens savings AND checking accounts for FOUR people.
  • $26 opens a savings AND checking account for someone who has been relying on high-fee, predatory services.

You can help! Make your secure, tax-deductible donation to Common Wealth Charlotte today.

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